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Joo Icons #2

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I had to admit… I didn’t like Infinite at first.  It’s a pretty stupid reason though.  ;-;
Now, I kinda like them and they could be ruining my bias list.. especially L.
I’m not an Inspirit yet, though, cause I’m lazy.
So.. any song suggestions?  c:  I guess shows too
I mean, if you’re willing to welcome a nooby Inspirit into the family.. :P 

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a-rocket-to-infinite said: He's so random and he's such a dork. Half the time, he's in his own world. When he's staring at something, he's usually just spacing out or thinking about something stupid like "What should I eat for dinner?" I have so much more to say but.. Not enough space (: If you want more info, feel free to look around my blog. I have all information on all 7 members ^^

Well, I was mainly looking for info on the others but thanks for the depth on L! I really needed that! I’ll be sure to check out your blog when I get a hold of a computer. Thanks so much ♥

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I’m not an Inspirit at all but these days, I seem to fancy L…. alot… :3
So I think I’m gonna write a fanfic on him but I don’t know the members’ personalities because I’m a total loser, LOL.  Can anyone fill me in on what they’re like?  Much appreciated, thankiesss!  c:

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“Please Donate for L.Joe’s height Today!” — Hooded Sweater, Men & Women Standard T-Shirt, V-Neck

  • Men & Women Standard T-Shirt — $15
  • V-Neck — $20
  • Hooded Sweaters — $30

OTL, this is awesome.

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